Stuart Armstrong at AISU NeurIPS 2018

A great way to meet the best people in the area and propel daring ideas forward.

Adam Gleave at AISU NeurIPS 2018

The event was a great place to meet others with shared research interests. I particularly enjoyed the small discussion groups that exposed me to new perspectives.

Haydn Belfield at AISU NeurIPS 2022

This was a fascinating event that was helpful for keeping up with the cutting edge of the field, and for launching collaborations.

Aaron Tucker at AISU NeurIPS 2022

The 2018 event was extremely helpful for meeting people working on AI Safety, and played a large role in my decision to go to graduate school to work on AI safety.

Esben Kran at ML Safety Social 2022

The ML Safety Social made me aware of all the wonderful people from alignment that were at NeurIPS and additionally became a way for adjacent fields to interact and share ideas. This seems like a really high value event with a high density of very impactful researchers and ethics / alignment team leads.